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4. Bruce W. Halstead - Publications

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Copies of Dr. Halstead's Books Sitting on his Desk at WLRI

All of Doctor Halstead's research, writings, manuscripts, and publication artwork are contained at World Life Research Institute, including some yet unpublished work. The Complete list of publications includes: Books, Booklets, Articles, Abstracts, Reports, and Position papers. The total combination of all of these publications represent a phenomenal body of work by any standard and stretches over a seven decade period of time.

The Roll-Top Desk where Doctor Halstead
researched and wrote most of his publications

Unpublished Books
At the time of his passing in 2002, he was still writing and many of his completed manuscripts are still unpublished. Some of these are considered to be among his finest work ever and reflect his life time of background and experience on the subject. Those books awaiting funding include:

Chinese Adaptogenic Nutritional Therapy
for AIDS, Cancer, and Radiation Sickness

(Approx. 900 pages)

Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Amazonia and Adjacent Regions

United States Military Survival Manual
Dangerous Animals of the Middle East Region

(Approx. 250 pages)

Laetrile and Cancer Politics – The Cancer Holocaust

Updating Existing Publications
Many of his books already in print are in need of updating in order to remain relative in the future of health modality development. As the science of alternative medicine continues to advance, new scientific breakthroughs threaten to render some of Doctor Halstead's publications outdated. But there is no reason that the new medical revelations can not be integrated with the foundations of knowledge contained in his work. There are experts in the field of alternative health that are willing and anxious to help with those updates.

Re-Acquiring 'Lost' Publications
Some of his books were, for various reasons, published by companies involved with health products or other commercial interest. The result was that they were not produced to the standards that were set by quality publishers. In 1978, Doctor Halstead's son, Larry D. Halstead, founded Golden Quill Publishers, Inc. with the goal of establishing it as the 'in-house' publisher for all of his father's work.

Starting with Chelation Therapy - Patient Handbook, Golden Quill produced a series of booklets aimed at educating patients and the lay public about various health modalities. In 1979, Golden Quill published The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy, which proved to be a major boost in establishing Doctor Halstead as a leading authority and pioneer in alternative health. Two years later, Golden Quill published The DMSO Handbook.

Unfortunately, from that point forward, Doctor Halstead became so anxious to get his latest book into print that he would solicit what ever company that was courting his favor to do the job. But with no background in publishing, these companies would turn out a product that wasn't worthy of Halstead's reputation. Therefore, it is a goal of World Life to obtain all necessary rights to republish these books under the World Life/ Golden Quill label. In this way, all of Doctor Halstead's books will maintain only the highest of publishing standards.
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New Books from Existing Work
Many of Doctor Halstead's publications were often produced with the help of various co-authors. In that same manner, there is no reason that new publications can not be produced by pairing up a qualified expert with some of Doctor Halstead's prior work, whether yet published or not.

In addition, there are some excellent possibilities for some books that would draw from portions of existing work and then compiled into a new publication. A good example of this would be a book that was composed of each chapter being one of the many health modalities that Halstead helped pioneer. Another example would be to produce versions of his more scientific work that were then translated into layman's language for the non-doctor and non-scientist to understand.

Yet another example of creating new books from existing work by Doctor Halstead would be to compile all of his articles, abstracts, and reports that were published in the field of marine bio-toxicology and put them together in a single volume. The same could be done with his work on botanical medicines of the Amazon jungles.

The Biography of Bruce W. Halstead, M.D.
(and related publications)
Larry D. Halstead, son of Doctor Halstead, has already committed to writing a biography on his father's life. This is a formidable task that is made a little easier by Doctor Halstead's own memoirs that he spent a little time, here and there, working on for the later part of his life. There is also several scrapbooks that his mother created for him that will be of use in that project. When he passed away in 2002, he left a fair number of family, friends, and supporters behind that will be called upon for their valuable contributions. In addition, his childhood history is somewhat synonymous with the history of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Academy of Sciences, the Steinhart Aquarium, and the DeYoung Museum. This biography is already a work in progress and funding is now being sought to make this happen.

Once the biography is complete, there is interest in having a screen play adaptation for the big screen. Most people who know his story would agree that it would make a great movie. While the Medicine Man with Sean Connery was loosely based on his life, it was nonetheless restricted to only that one aspect of Doctor Halstead's rich and colorful life.

Other ideas for spin offs from Doctor Halstead's biography could include subjects such as: The Story of World Life Research Institute, The Politics of Bruce W. Halstead, M.D., The case of Halstead vs.the Medical Establishment, and even a children's book aimed at inspiring future aspiring scientist.

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