Friday, October 5, 2007

Books by Bruce W. Halstead, M.D.

The first publication was fittingly co-written with his mentor, teacher, and friend, Howard Clark, in 1938, while Bruce was still interning at the Golden Gate Academy of Sciences at the early age of 18. That publication had the exciting and titillating title of:

Decapterus scombrinus (Valenciennes) in Monterey Bay

His first book was his 90th publication and came in 1959, with the publication of Dangerous Marine Animals which was published by Cornell Maritime Press

For a Complete list of all of Doctor Halstead's 314 Publications - Click Here

Many of his books are in need of updating in order to remain relative in the future of health modality development. His massive comprehensive work on Chinese Herbal Medicine has yet to be published because of lack of funding. Some of his work was funded through outside companies and organizations and need to be revised and published under the umbrella of World LIfe Research Institute. The technical resources are available on these projects but funding is needed to keep these publications alive and current.

Many of Doctor Halstead's books need to be update and reprinted. Some of his manuscripts still need to be published. His last book is on Chinese Adaptogenic Herbal Medicine is still unpublished and yet it has been hailed as quite possibly his most profound and outstanding work ever. There are other books that are being planned that are based on his work or about his work.

Golden Quill Publishers, Inc.
Golden Quill Publishers was founded in April 22, 1978 by Doctor Halstead's son, Larry D. Halstead, for the purpose of publishing all of his work in alternative medicine. The first publications for Golden Quill included a series of booklets including: Chelation Therapy - Patient Handbook, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Metabolic Cancer Therapy, Amygdalin (Laetrile) Therapy, Gerovital (Procaine) Therapy, A Guide To Vitamins and Minerals. In 1979, Golden Quill published The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy, which established Doctor Halstead as the world authority on the subject and paved the way for his reputation as the scientific pioneer on alternative medicine. In 1981, Golden Quill Published The DMSO Handbook. Other publications that followed had to be published through companies that were financing those books but it is time to revised them under the Golden Quill/ World Life label. Other potential publications based on Doctor Halstead's work and writings are also being planned.

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