Thursday, October 4, 2007

Physical Facilities - Plan A. Current Location


Plan A. Purchase and Preserve Current Facilities
WLRI is currently located where it has been for the past forty-five years. The problem is that the property is not owned by WLRI. So the choice becomes between buying the real estate and preserving the buildings at the present location or moving WLRI to another location. In order to purchase the existing property it would cost about 1.5 million dollars. Another $500,000 would be needed for repairs, improvements and preservation.
Ariel View of portion of WLRI buildings
with leaky roof and other needed repairs

Environmental Lab with extensive damage to
ceiling from leaky roof with additional damage
to flooring, book shelves, and contents

Moisture and Mold Damage to large
World Map behind Director's Desk

Portions of the roof have been leaking and causing considerable damage to the building and it's contents. The buildings have been suffering from general neglect for decades now and are past due for: new floor and wall covering, new lighting, new insulated doors and windows, additional storage areas, display cabinets, and other improvements.

The three acre property also includes the 3,000 square foot house that Bruce and Joy built back in 1960. It too is in need of improvements and repairs. The house could be used for additional office, museum, or visitors center space which would also be part of the initial capital outlay.
The parking and driveway areas need to be repaved. Much of Doctor Halstead's orchards have died out due to neglect and are in need of replanting and much TLC.

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